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Parents & Guardians- Information for Non-Secure Residents

Your son is currently participating in the Non-Secure Residential programs at Prairie Lakes Youth Programs.  These programs consist of Residential Detention, Residential Transitional/Independent Living, and/or CD Treatment.  The purpose of this page is to familiarize you with some of the basic policies that will affect you.



Telephone Calls

PLYP Non-Secure Programs 320-235-0975

If your son was admitted to PLYP’s Non-Secure Residential Detention program, he will have the right to an initial phone call.  Future calls can be earned weekly depending on his daily level and behavior.  He can earn two (2) calls per week.  Phone calls will be with family members only.

The Non-Secure Residential Transition/Independent Living/CD residents will receive phone calls based on their Phase.  Phone calls will be with family while on Phases I and II; calls with others may be negotiated when they reach Phases III and IV.

Parents and legal guardians are welcome to call and talk to staff members about their youth’s progress.  We do ask that you keep these calls brief if you call after normal business hours in order to allow staff to spend the majority of their time with the residents.

Prairie Lakes Youth Programs does NOT accept collect calls.




All residents in the Non-Secure Residential programs will be offered up to eight (8) hours per week for visits.  These hours are not to be used during one visit, but are to be divided between the three (3) scheduled visiting days.  All visits are dependent on the residents’ behavior and Phases.


If your son was admitted to PLYP’s Non-Secure Residential Detention program, he has the right to an initial visit with parents or legal guardians within 24 hours of placement.  After this initial visit, your son must earn all future visits, with family only, on a weekly basis dependent on his behaviors. 

Non-Secure Residential Transition/Independent Living/CD resident can schedule visits with non-family members once Phase III or IV have been reached.

All visits are subject to change depending on behaviors, level, and Phases.  Please call before you come to make sure your child continues to have visiting privileges.


Phase I - Visits with family – in-house only

Phase II - Visits with family – in-house or out in community for up to two (2) hours, one (1) time per week, with staff permission.

Phase III - Visits with family – in-house or out in community for up to three (3) hours, two (2) times per week with staff permission.

Phase IV - Visits with non-family with staff permission


When visiting, we ask that you lock up your purses, cell phones, and the contents of your pockets in your car or in the lockers provided.  You will also be asked to hang up your coat.

PLYP staff has the right to deny admission to anyone who is behaving in a disrespectful or uncooperative manner.  PLYP has the right to deny admission to anyone deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Exceptions to scheduled visiting times must be approved by administration.


Non-Secure - Visiting days and times are as follows:


3:00pm to 5:00pm

6:00pm to 8:00pm​


1:00pm to 4:00pm​


1:00pm to 4:00pm



Residents at PLYP are allowed only a certain amount of clothing.  Non-Secure Residential Detention residents will be allowed two (2) set of clothing. Non-Secure Residential Transition/Independent Living/CD individuals will be allowed to have up to seven (7) sets of clothing.   Any clothing beyond what is allowed will be sent home with parents.  All clothing needs to be appropriate – this will be determined by PLYP staff.




Residents will be allowed to send and receive letters while residing at PLYP.  Residents will be provided with stamps for correspondence required by PLYP.  Residents must purchase stamps for any other letters they choose to send. Stamps will be available to residents for $.50 cents per stamp and can be purchased with their daily allowance. Parents are allowed to bring in stamps for their son to use.  It is the policy of PLYP to have all correspondence inspected and scanned for contraband.  Residents will not be allowed to receive any “junk mail.”

Prairie Lakes Youth Programs discourages gifts of groceries or other food items to your child.  PLYP feels that to encourage their growth as young adults, they need to develop independence.  Once a week during visits, snacks can be brought in for your son.  These must be consumed during the visit time.


Mailing Address

Prairie Lakes Youth Programs

PO Box 902

Willmar, MN 56201

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