Secure and Non Secure Programming 

Executive Director: Darin Balken 

Detention Program Director: Julie Bush 

Corrections Program Director: Brad Bengtson 

Non-Secure Program Director: Jared O’Neill

Administrative Assistant: Angie Kok

Group Home Programs

Boys Group Home Director : Brianna Sittig

Girls Group Home Director: Amy Krupke

Administrative Assistant: Julie Messenbrink

Prairie Lakes Education Center and Lake Park School

Telephone: 320-214-6696

Coordinator: Dan Halvorson 

Secretary: Kelly Schneck


Divine Hope

Boys Group Home

1013 Lakeland Dr NE
Willmar,   MN  56201

Telephone:  320-235-6895
Fax:  320-231-3818

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Girls Group Home

822 Park Ave NW
Willmar,  MN  56201

Telephone:  320-235-6637
Fax:  320-235-6659

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Secure Programming

1808 Civic Center Drive NE
P.O. Box 894
Willmar, MN 56201-0894

Telephone: 320-231-1729
Fax: 320-231-1166

Non-Secure Alternatives

1804 Civic Center Drive NE
P.O. Box 902
Willmar, MN 56201-0902

Telephone: 320-235-0975
Fax: 320-214-7067


Contact Information

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