Secure Residential


    PLYP's education program is provided by Willmar Public Schools and serves over 300 students annually from more than 80 school districts. Students receive 6 hours of school per day year-round with credit for graduation. A Continual Learning Plan (CLP) is developed for each student to meet individual educational needs. Students in the program for more than 60 days demonstrate an average increase of one grade level in reading and mathematics.

    Students have the opportunity for GED preparation and testing, vocational evaluations and career exploration. Transition services to home school districts or other placements are provided.

Transitional Counseling 

   Through the transitional program PLYP aims to help residents bridge the gap between placement and returning to the community. Through 1 on 1 counseling, residents work to develop the skills they need to return to their families, schools, and communities. General topics covered include legal obligations, meeting conditions of probation, goal setting, community resources and vocational testing. On an individual basis more specific topics, such as dealing with peer pressure, values clarification, and anger management are addressed.

   Whether it is helping a resident find a job or a place to live, helping them figure out what they need to stay in school, or become a contributing member of their family, PLYP seeks to aid residents in planning and building for the future.
*Available to Member counties and Meeker, McLeod, Redwood, and Renville counties.  

Chemical Dependency

   Outpatient chemical dependency programming is provided in house at PLYP through the Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise. Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise's Prairie Youth Program is a primary chemical dependency treatment program designed specifically for adjudicated delinquent youth confined to PLYP’s Correctional Program.

   Residents are able to address their chemical use problems in conjunction with the consequences of their criminal behaviors. This innovative program accomplishes both correctional and chemical dependency programming for those clients in need of dual services without the need to make separate placement arrangements to incur the costs of residential treatment. Aftercare is provided. 

Community Service

   PLYP has a strong community service program where residents work on in-house projects under the direction and guidance of our Community Service supervisor. Residents are able to complete a significant number of court ordered community service hours during their stay. They also gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment as they learn new skills and work habits. Community Service hours can be earned in projects as diverse as painting, carpentry, building maintenance, or working in the PLYP garden.


   Health care provided by contracted nursing service and community based services.

   Psychological evaluations available.
   DNA testing for felony level adjudicated youth available to all counties.
   Quick Test urine analysis upon request to all counties.
   Laboratory urine analysis available to Member counties and may be arranged with non-member counties.
   Religious and spirituality needs met through contracted chaplaincy program, Youth for Christ, and by visits with family clergy. Family clergy must be approved in advance.
   Individual placement plans and bi-weekly progress reports provided for all residents of 30 days or more.

Visiting Hours

7:00am to 9:00am
3:30pm to 4:30pm
7:00pm to 8:00pm

1:00pm to 4:00pm

1:00pm to 4:00pm
   Visits are limited to 3 persons per visit and visits are typically one hour long. Detention residents are only allowed parent/legal guardian visits. Corrections can only have sibling visits if the resident is on level 3. All visitors need to bring photo identification. Visitors will be asked to leave all valuables in their vehicle or lock them in the lockers provided. All visitors will be required to pass through a metal detector. We ask that people call in advance to let us know when they plan to visit.